Warzone Player Showcases Broken JAK-12 Loadout

Season 5 of Warzone is coming to a close, and the community's focus is on the upcoming release of Season 6, the final season of post-launch content for the Black Ops Cold War era of the battle royale. While players await the update, anticipating the addition of new weapons and map changes, many are unsure if the shotguns are a boon or a bane.

Warzone has been out for over a year and while the ability to decimate an opponent in short to mid-range combat is handy, some members of the community are wondering whether they may be too strong and having a negative impact on the metagame. In particular, the JAK-12 is the most recent shotgun that's dominating the meta, much to the annoyance of those that fall victim to this immensely powerful weapon.

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Is The JAK-12 Overpowered?

JAK-12 Loadout Call of Duty Warzone
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Armed with a JAK-12 equipped with a range of attachments to improve aim-down sight speed and a 20 round magazine, Reddit user ‘StrokedHawk’ managed to plow through the enemies in quick succession. To showcase how good the shotgun is, the user uploaded a compilation showcasing his dominance.

“Amazing dmg, insane fire rate, and great range never have to ADS. Yeah I can imagine that would p*ss people off on a tiny map. Not exactly a counter outside being 100 meters away on top of a building”, replied Reddit user ‘DnD-NewGuy’. The split opinions of the community is evident as one player that was killed by the JAK-12 was seen using it for their own advantage.

Will There Be A JAK-12 Nerf?

While a few shotgun loadouts considered to be overpowered, it seems the shotguns are doing what they are intended to do - deal massive damage in close ranges. For now, the community is asking questions as to why they can’t get similar clips with the shotgun. Whether the JAK-12 will be nerfed will come down to Raven Software's latest dose of weapon tuning expected to go live with the Season 6 update releasing on October 7th.

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