Warzone Players Call For Perk Changes To Counter New Perks

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Season 5 of Warzone saw the introduction of two brand-new Perks into the battle royale in order to create some kind of variety in the loadouts of players dropping into Verdansk and Rebirth Island. Since their addition, Combat Scout and Tempered have had a drastic impact on the metagame, with many players deeming them overpowered.

With Combat Scout temporarily highlighting players with an orange outline and many players quickly slotting the Perk into their loadouts, the community has been quick to suggest a number of changes to other Perks that will bring them in line with the new additions in order to create some kind of balance.


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Warzone Perk Changes

Kyubi Operator Shooting At Enemy From Back Of Truck

Reddit user 'Lma0-Zedong,' created a post detailing a range of changes that should be made to other Warzone Perks so that there's an even greater variety of combinations that are viable.


The post was met with plenty of praise from other users, some of which made their own suggestions as to how to improve the performance of Perks that often go overlooked. "Killchain should also always give you priority air space so you never get that 'Unable To Use Airstrike' message," one user suggested.

Will More Perk Changes Arrive?

Warzone Operator Using Armour Plates

Considering Raven Software has just added two Perks to Warzone, it's unlikely that the developer will be making such drastic changes anytime soon. If enough players are wanting such changes, maybe some kind of modifications will be made in the Season 5 Reloaded update.