Warzone Pacific Teaser Hints At Fixes To Rock Climbing

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Season 1 of Warzone Pacific is almost here with just under a week left till its release, much to Call of Duty fans' delight. Raven Software has already confirmed a number of gameplay changes alongside unveiling more intel on the Caldera map, which will be released alongside new guns and Operators.

The Last Hours of Verdansk event will see the community bid farewell to the classic map, ahead of Caldera’s introduction into the game. While Verdansk had its ups and downs, players were always frustrated with the inability to climb up rocks. However, the latest Season 1 teaser hints towards a major change and might give what the players want.

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Warzone Pacific Rock Climbing

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Players have had a tough time dealing with the inability to climb up rocks in Verdansk, which sometimes leads to getting caught in the gas. Thankfully, being unable to climb rocks could be a thing of the past in Caldera as Warzone content creator JGOD managed to spot the following quote from the Lagoon teaser:

“Survey the land from above by climbing natural rock formations.”

Many fans replied to the Tweet expressing their excitement about this simple, yet hugely significant, change to how Warzone plays. One user pointed out that it might have been easier for Raven Software to create new rocks that can be navigated when designing the new Caldera map.

Can You Climb Rocks in Warzone Pacific?

Judging by the teaser, players will be able to clamber up any rock formations that they may find throughout Caldera. This particular change has been one that's been heavily requested by players and thanks to a brand-new map, Raven Software has been able to deliver on their demands.

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