Warzone Pacific Adds Innovative Use For Molotov Cocktails

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Season 1 of Warzone Pacific is right around the corner, much to the excitement of Call of Duty fans. Raven Software has already revealed a variety of gameplay changes, as well as the Caldera map that will release alongside new guns and a new range of Operators to use.

Players are eager to drop into the new map and explore the new points of interest that Caldera has to offer. Ahead of Season 1's launch, there's been a lot of information already revealed but a new promotional video has hinted towards an innovative use for Molotovs during a match.

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Molotovs in Warzone Pacific

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Molotov Cocktails have always provided players with an opportunity to deal some additional damage to any opponents that get too close. They're frequently used to finish off any downed players and are the perfect tool to pin down any opposition that finds themselves in a tight spot. They light the floor on fire, which works as a trap for a short period of time, also allowing players to block specific pathways

As evident in the postcard, a brand new way to further utilize the Molotovs in Warzone Pacific:

“I’ve discovered a fun trick with Molotovs: throw ’em into water and they become smoke grenades! Highly recommend,” the postcard read.

Thanks to this small gameplay change from Raven Software, players will be able to throw a Molotov into shallow water to create a small smokescreen, allowing players to escape any nearby enemies or to block a line of sight, making it much easier to pass through the water.


Warzone Pacific Release Date

The launch of Warzone Pacific will coincide with the start of Season 1, which will get underway on December 8th. For more intel, check out our Vanguard and Warzone Pacific hubs containing everything you need to know about the new season!

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