Warzone Pacific Gulag Winners Respawn in Planes

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g The excitement surrounding the imminent launch of Warzone Pacific and the start of Season 1 is beginning to build. As Raven Software and Activision continue to unveil more information on the new era of the battle royale, a number of content creators got to drop into Caldera early and experience the gameplay changes for themselves.

Alongside all of the new additions and changes, players got their first chance to experience an overhauled Gulag complete with a new design and the ability to drop back in with the weapon and ammo you used to win the duel. Much to the surprise of players, Gulag victors will fly back into the action using a fighter plane.

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Warzone Pacific Gulag Respawn

Warzone Pacific Gulag Fighter Plane Respawn
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Back in Verdansk, players that managed to escape the Gulag dropped back into the action using a parachute but in Caldera, those that manage to win the 1v1 will fly back into the action in a fighter plane, giving them plenty of opportunities to regroup with squadmates or drop at an entirely new location.

Depending on how the game on the ground is panning out, players could easily spend time flying around Caldera before making any decisions that could result in elimination. The addition of planes is certainly an interesting one and as Season 1 progresses, it will be exciting to see how players utilise the fighter plane to their advantage. Do you land early to get hold of some loot or stick to the skies in a bid to take down another plane?

Can You Shoot While Flying Planes in Warzone Pacific?

Players will be able to operate a fully-automatic machine gun alongside flying the plane, adding even more coordination and skill into the battle royale. Be careful not to get fixated on a target as you could easily clip the top of a tree with a wing to bring a premature end to your match!

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