New Entry Vehicle Teased For Warzone Pacific

The build-up for Season 1 of Warzone Pacific is in full swing, with Activision and Raven Software revealing brand-new teasers on a regular basis. As players prepare to drop into Caldera for the first time, the Warzone developer has already revealed a wealth of gameplay changes that will be arriving, including the removal of Stopping Power Rounds.

Alongside the changes, a range of new guns and Operators will also be making an appearance much to the excitement of players looking forward to a brand-new era for the battle royale. As well as the new additions, a teaser may have revealed a brand-new entrance vehicle that will fly over the map at the beginning of a match.

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Warzone Pacific Entry Vehicle

Warzone Pacific Entry Vehicle
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The new plane complete with Pacific Horizon Airlines branding caught the attention of eagle-eyed players that managed to spot it in an overview trailer of the map. The plane was tucked away in a hangar but it looked much different from the fighter planes that can be flown in specific game modes.

The vehicles used to drop players into a match have rarely changed during the Verdansk era of Warzone. During the Modern Warfare era, a huge transportation plane cruised over the map and for the Black Ops Cold War era, players have been dropping out numerous helicopters that navigate their way over the top of the battlefield.

Can You Fly Planes in Warzone Pacific?

While players won't be able to control the plane that flies over Caldera at the start of a game, certain modes will include fighter planes that can be piloted and used to eliminate the opposition. These planes are likely to be hot property in Caldera, so be prepared to score some kills if you want to take the pilot's seat.

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