What Engine Does Warzone Pacific Use?

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Despite a slight delay, the hotly-anticipated launch of Warzone Pacific is right around the corner, much to the excitement of the community that's ready to bid farewell to Verdansk. The launch of Season 1 will see players dropping onto the Pacific island of Caldera for the first time, complete with new points of interest to explore.

The new era for the battle royale also features several technical changes to the game, including a change of engine in a bid to ensure the smooth integration of Vanguard. With that said, which engine will Warzone Pacific be running on?

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Warzone Pacific Engine

Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Engine
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Since Warzone was released back in March 2020, the battle royale has used the IW8 engine used in 2019's Modern Warfare. When Warzone Pacific launches, its engine will change to a slightly different version that's used in Call of Duty Vanguard. The change shouldn't impact gameplay, but it will ensure a smooth integration which is hugely positive news considering the issues that arose from Black Ops Cold War integration earlier in 2021.

When Will The Warzone Engine Change?


The change will take place at the beginning of Season 1 for Warzone Pacific, which gets underway on December 8th. Considering the wealth of content that will be arriving, a change of engine is relatively minor considering a new map and a new set of weapons will be arriving into the game. Nonetheless, it's still an important change that should guarantee a smooth transition from Verdansk to Caldera.

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