Can You Fly Planes in Warzone Pacific?

There’s less than a week left until the arrival of Season 1 for Warzone Pacific, much to the delight of the Call of Duty community. Raven Software has already announced various gameplay changes taking place ahead of the introduction of the new Caldera map, alongside the addition of new guns and Operators.

Players are already excited to jump into the new map, which features new points of interest and vibrant new places to explore, unlike the dark and gloomy Verdansk. But with many hints highlighting the presence of planes, will players be able to fly planes to navigate the island?

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Warzone Pacific Fighter Jets

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A Call of Duty blog post published on November 30th provided many details about the upcoming update. As per the post, players choosing to play the Vanguard Royale game mode in Warzone Pacific will need to “prepare for the action to heat up both on land and in the air.”

One of the specific differences between the classic battle royale and Vanguard Royale is that the new game mode will allow players to fly fighter planes and rain down fire on their enemies. However, anti-aircraft guns and trucks will also be available on the ground to shoot these planes down from the sky.

Can You Fight With Planes in Warzone Pacific?

As evident in the blog post, players will have the ability to use their planes to shoot while being in the air itself. With that said, shooting other planes down from your plane will also be possible.

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