Warzone Pacific Attack Helicopter: All Caldera Spawn Locations

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To the delight of Call of Duty players, Season 1 of Warzone Pacific has officially gone live. Players will be able to experience the new Caldera map for the first time, as well as get to grips with new guns that have been introduced to the arsenal. A new Battle Pass is also available, with a variety of exciting rewards.

Caldera has a plethora of exciting points of interest (POI) to explore which is in stark contrast to the dull streets of Verdansk. Along with this, the infamous Attack Helicopter also makes a return in the battle royale. But where exactly do you find them? Find out in this guide!

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Warzone Pacific Attack Helicopter Locations

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The Attack Helicopter has always been a hot topic for debate in Warzone and has been removed twice already from the game. However, with the latest update, the players now have a chance at flying the seemingly broken vehicle again. Here’s a list of locations where you can find the Attack Helicopters in Caldera Battle Royale and Plunder:

  • In the center of Arsenal
  • At the most northern point of Airfield’s landing strip
  • In the center of Mines
  • North of Runway
  • On the roof of Beachhead’s central building
  • On the roof of the submarine base in Sub Pen
  • South of Capital

The Attack Helicopters are not available in the Vanguard Royale mode but can be found somewhere around the coasts of Caldera in other modes. They enable a maximum of four players to ride together and have a turret gun on the sides of the chopper, enabling players to deal plenty of damage from the skies.

Will Attack Helicopters Change the Meta?


This addition to the battle royale will be tested out by skilled players and is definitely something that can give some great highlight moments. However, this time around the chopper’s health is relatively low and can be shot down easily by players, meaning that it may not feature heavily in the ever-changing meta.

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