Activision Teases Airfield As Potential Loot Hot Spot

Thanks to a wealth of gameplay changes made by Raven Software, players will have to wait in order to get their hands on a Loadout Drop from Buy Stations in Season 1 of Warzone Pacific. As the community prepares to drop into Caldera for the very first time, Activision is continuing to showcase numerous points of interest (POI) through its postcards.

The latest postcard added further insight on Caldera's Airfield, one of over 200 POIs that will feature on the map. Despite no players dropping in, the Airfield is already being branded as a potential hotspot to obtain some strong loot in the early stages of a game.

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Warzone Pacific Airfield POI

Warzone Pacific Airfield POI
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Loot prior to the first Loadout Drop is going to play an integral role in the early-game. According to the postcard, a mysterious character that's already had a chance to explore Caldera has revealed that the area is full of items.

Can't choose which is better at the Airfield, the Military Encampments with hoards of lootor te control towere where you can snipe with an elevated vantage point," the postcard reads.

With so much loot available, the Airfield could become a hugely popular place to land, especially when many may opt to drop in a more central location. If you can get hold of some strong loot quickly and manage to avoid any encounters, there's every chance it becomes one of the more landing places.

Is There An ATC in Warzone Pacific?

Players that aren't fans of Verdansk's ATC, look away now! Caldera's Airfield will also include an ATC of its own, providing a great view of the surrounding area. Those that love to pick off the opposition with a sniper will regularly do battle to secure control of the tower.

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