OpTic Chicago $100K Warzone Invitational: Everything You Need To Know

Season 6 of Warzone is in full swing and as players get to grips with the huge changes that have taken place in Verdansk, the competitive side of the battle royale is preparing to get the new season underway with plenty of high-stakes tournaments for the very best players in the world to do battle in.

The first of many tournaments expected to take place in the final season of Verdansk is being hosted by none other than OpTic Chicago and will feature a variety of pro Warzone players, Call of Duty League pros, and content creators. Find everything you need to know about the OpTic Chicago Warzone Invitational in this hub!

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How To Watch OpTic Chicago Warzone Invitational

The action will be shown on the Call of Duty Twitch channel which will be overviewing all of the action. We've embedded the stream below so you don't miss any of the action.

For individual perspectives of the action, be sure to check out the streams of your favourite players!

Format & Schedule

The tournament is set to begin on October 8th at 1PM PT (9PM BST). It's hard to tell how long the event will run for, but we can expect it to last for few hours at the very least.

Exact details on the format of the tournament have yet to be revealed but we can expect the competing Trios to drop into custom lobbies for a shot at the prize money.

Teams & Players

As expected, plenty of Warzone and Call of Duty's best players will be taking part in the competition having received direct invitations to play. Check out a full list of Trios below:

OpTic Chicago $100K Warzone Invitational Teams
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Heading into the event as one of the very best Trios in the world, the team of Tommey, Newbz, and Almxnd are certainly one of the early favourites to take home the title.

As we near the start of the tournament, be sure to check back regularly for all of the latest news and information.

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