Raven Software Responds to Warzone Operator Menu Glitch

Since it launched in March 2020, Warzone has featured a variety of bugs and glitches that have impacted numerous features of the battle royale and despite the best efforts of Raven Software, issues continue to arise much to the annoyance of the community.

With Season 6 well underway, players are encountering an issue where they're unable to switch Operators through the in-game menus. The problem means players haven't been able to change to another playable character for several weeks and after signs of it never being resolved, the Warzone developer has issued a response, stating that a fix for this somewhat annoying problem is in the works.

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Warzone Operator Change Glitch

Warzone Unable To Change Operator Glitch
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Several players reported the issue during the closing stages of Season 5 and many were hoping that the Season 6 update featured a fix for the problem. The update didn't contain a fix but on October 8th, Raven Software revealed that it had found a cause for the issue.

"We're aware that a number of players are continuing to experience issues with the menu hitching," the developer confirmed. "We've identified the cause and a subsequent fix is in the works. We'll provide an ETA as soon as possible. Appreciate the patience!"

Performance issues in the Warzone menus are nothing new, with players experiencing lag throughout Season 5 when attempting to perform simple tasks such as accessing their loadouts. Thankfully, that particular issue was addressed in an update that went live on October 8th.

When Can I Change Operators In Warzone?

Although Raven Software has confirmed that a fix is in the works, it's currently unclear as to when it will be arriving into Warzone. Considering a fix is on the way, it's likely that it will arrive in an upcoming update.

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