Warzone October 21st Playlist Update Delayed by Raven Software

Season 6 of Warzone is already underway, and Raven Software has been introducing new content along with new QOL settings to improve the experience for its players. To maintain a variety of new playlists in the game, the Warzone developer releases a playlist update every week to give players an alternative option to the standard battle royale modes.

The update scheduled for October 21st has been delayed and will not be introduced into the game until further notice. The weekly updates give the players a refreshing take on the game and allow them to test new loadouts and guns in different game modes.

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Warzone October 21st Playlist Update Delayed

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The October 21st update was scheduled to bring some returning game modes, with many members of the community looking forward to the return of Iron Trials. It looks like the popular mode won't be appearing anytime soon. Below are details on what the weekly update should have added:

Battle Royale

  • Solos
  • Trios
  • Quads

Iron Trials’ 84

  • Duos

Rebirth Island

  • Scopes and Scatterguns Quads
  • Resurgence Trios

Raven Software addressed the delay on Twitter. It announced that in an attempt to resolve an ongoing issue, the playlist update has been delayed with no ETA in sight. Raven also added that it will be providing more information as soon as possible.

When Will The Playlist Update Launch?

With no ETA, it's unclear as to when the update intended to launch on October 21st will go live. With the next playlist update due on October 28th, players may never get to experience the new set of playlists if Raven Software is unable to fix the unknown issue.

This delay is out of character for Warzone but Raven has always kept the community informed. For more Warzone intel, find everything you need to know about The Haunting in our dedicated hub!

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