Raven Software Nerfs Numbers Event Audio In Warzone

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With Season 5 Reloaded of Warzone coming to a close and focus shifting towards the release of Season 6, Raven Software has made improvements after the Season 5 Numbers event backlash. The Numbers event features a range of exclusive cosmetic items that could be earned by completing a range of challenges across both titles.

In a recent patch, Raven Software has finally nerfed the annoyingly loud audio issues that were faced by multiple players. Many players were disappointed with the event, and especially due to the audio being so loud and impossible to avoid. In a recent Tweet, the Warzone developer finally confirmed that the audio had been turned down a few notches.


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Warzone Numbers Event Audio Nerf

After The Numbers event was completed, a lot of players expressed their disappointment saying all the challenges weren't worth completing and with a lack of changes to Verdansk, some didn't even realise an event was taking place.


However, the devs delivered some good news for the Warzone fans after fixing this volume bug and stated, "Even through all the noise, we heard you loud and clear! The feedback is appreciated."

Even after this fix, a lot of players replied to the post asking for another weapon balance update in Warzone. As we get closer to the start of a brand-new season, it's highly likely another round of weapon balancing will be taking place. Could the metagame be undergoing one final change before the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard in November?

In the meantime, find everything you need to know about Season 6 in our dedicated hub and information on some huge map changes arriving in the final season of Verdansk.