Nio Blasts NICKMERCS for Reviving Teammate

In Warzone, it is obvious that players are supposed to revive their teammates. That shouldn't even be a question. Despite this, Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff seemed more interested in honoring a challenge than helping his teammate.

Nick began to make fun of his teammate by pretending not to help. Then, Hayden' FaZe Nio' Eller told Nick that he didn't have the sack to let his teammate die in Warzone. Nick's revive circle was about to fill up, and he had to make a decision.

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FaZe Nio issued the challenge to Nickmercs, but he did not bother to react to it after being given it. He stared steadily at the circle that really only needed a second to complete. Finally, he drew the syringe out and let the guy die.

Faze Nio literally only said:

"You won't, you don't have the sack to let go of that s*** right now."

In addition to that, he also looted his stuff. He really did his boy in after getting what is equivalent to a "double-dog dare."

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The fact that FaZe Nio showed up and also looted the stuff is hysterical. They share the spoils, and the dead friend doesn't say anything about what happened. The other two just laugh as they prepare for the next fight.

That's brutal.

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