“I Didn’t Like Playing Cod” - NICKMERCS Is “Over” Warzone

Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff isn't the biggest fan of Warzone. Though he's had some memorable moments like the infamous 'doughnut' kills and even when he savagely roasted heckling viewers, it seems like the streamer might be moving on.

As seen on a video on his YouTube channel, NICKMERCS no longer seems passionate about Warzone, saying that the game has become "boring". Instead, the streamer is looking to stream Apex Legends more.

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"I didn’t like playing COD" - NICKMERCS is "Over" Warzone

In a solo video, NICKMERCS details how exciting Warzone was at first. But the shine eventually wore off:

I was playing Warzone for a while and I was having a lot of fun. But, then I hit a f****** wall man. It just wasn’t fun anymore. I didn’t like it, doing them f****** intros, I didn’t like playing COD. I was over it, I need something new.

Going forward, it seems like Warzone won't be streamed as much, instead favoring Respawn's free-to-play title.

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One user in the chat mentioned that he might lose money because Apex is less popular than Warzone. But that doesn't seem to 'FaZe' NICKMERCS, as he reminisced on his starting days in streaming, detailing how he used to play video games for enjoyment and continues to do so:

I’m doing myself a disservice I’ve got this dream job but I’m not having fun. It’s about me having fun. If that pushes people away, then that pushes people away. Gaming for me is a passion, was never about the money.

From the video above, it's clear that NICKMERCS doesn't seem to enjoy Warzone anymore. So, it's only right for the streamer to move on to something he enjoys. The streamer is in the best position to experiment with other content and has the fanbase to support him, so I say, good for him.

But do you think this is the right move for NICKMERCS? Or do you share the same opinion as him with Warzone? Let us know in the comments.

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