NICKMERCS Reveals 3 Changes He Would Make To Warzone

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Season 4of Warzone certainly hasn't been the smoothest of post-launch seasons for the millions of players that drop into Verdansk and Rebirth Island on a regular basis. The popular battle royale has been full of various bugs, glitches, and exploits that have negatively impacted the game for players. Whether it's invisible guns, unlimited stim, or players managing to merge underneath the map, Raven Software has done its best in order to keep on top of the issues.

With many members of the community full of creative and innovative ideas in order to improve the current state of Warzone, content creator Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff has outlined three key areas that he would change to make Warzone great again.


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NICKMERCS' Warzone Changes

NICKMERCS Changes To Warzone

In his July 26th upload, the content creator believes that Activision and Raven Software can make some simple changes that will improve Warzone significantly.

"I think we need a brand new map, we need a change from Verdansk," NICKMERCS explains. "I think it was a swing a miss. I thought at first that it might have some sauce, some flavor... but ultimately, I don't think we're messing with this stuff. I want an island theme with beaches, ocean, palm trees, and jungle. That's what I want," the content creator added.

When Verdansk '84 made its debut at the start of Season 3, the addition of the Plaza in the middle of Downtown was a welcome addition to the map but the changes weren't as big as those the community had hoped for. The likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends have had huge map overhauls to keep the game feeling fresh while Warzone has remained mostly unchanged.


Warzone Console FOV Slider

The next change Nick has suggested is the addition of a Field of View (FOV) slider for console players. "Next up, we need a FOV slider on console," Nick states. This feature has been heavily requested by console Warzone players for several months but the chances of Raven Software implementing the feature into the battle royale anytime soon are slim.

Warzone Bug Fixes

The third and final request on NICKMERCS' list involves Raven Software being able to react quickly when it comes to fixing game-breaking bugs and exploits that have an adverse effect on the battle royale.

"The last thing is (Raven Software) need to be quicker to fix bugs and broken in-game glitches. These things can't go on for weeks and months," Nick explains. "They can't happen, get fixed, then happen again. They need to get on top of this stuff, I don't know who runs the ship over there, but we're about to hit an iceberg," suggesting that more game-breaking issues could well impact Warzone in the not too distant future.

Whether Raven Software and Activision will listen to the requests NICKMERCS has made remains to be seen but the developer and publisher need to act fast before Warzone falls behind the rest of the battle royale competition.