NecroKing Mastercraft Bundle Removed From Warzone

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As Season 2 of Warzone nears the halfway stage, Activision and Raven Software have released one of the most unique blueprints ever seen.

The Ice Drake blueprint for the Krig 6 assault rifle is certainly one of the best-looking blueprints, but just hours after it made its debut, the bundle has been removed from the in-game store due to a number of bugs that have emerged.

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NecroKing Bundle Removed From Warzone Store

While it may be annoying for those that have yet to purchase the bundle containing one of the few Ultra blueprints available in the battle royale, the speed at which Activision and Raven Software reacted to prevent any further issues was certainly a positive.

Reddit user ‘FistOfSven’ attempted to change the predetermined set of attachments on the Ice Drake blueprint and having managed to equip the default barrel, the majority of the blueprint’s dragon-like appearance completely disappears.

NecroKing Mastercraft Bundle is bugged... You have to love these indie devs!

Activision was quick to address the issue, stating that attaching the 16.5 Ultralight Barrel rectifies the issue, providing a temporary issue to the bug.

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When Is The NecroKing Bundle Returning?


NecroKing Warzone Blueprint Removed From Store
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The various issues that have appeared since the release of the NecroKing bundle are already being looked into by Activision.

Despite this, there has been no indications as to when the bundle will be making its return to Warzone’s in-game store.

With an unclear timeframe and plenty of players left unsatisfied with the product they’ve bought, there’s every chance they could be entitled to a refund.

For those that have already acquired the bundle, be aware that the bugs affecting the Ice Drake blueprint could cost you a trip on the victory helicopter!

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