Warzone Nebula V Bomb: Where To Find and How it Works

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The Nebula V bomb in Warzone is one of the more unique additions to the battle royale. The item is capable of dealing a huge amount of damage to numerous players, enabling those that activate it to turn the tide of a match in their favour.

The bomb appeared as part of the Search and Deploy event taking place throughout Season 2, and is the first weapon to emit a toxic cloud of gas. Due to its immense power, the Nebula V bomb is one of the rarest items available in Warzone.

Due to its rarity, it's tricky to obtain one during a match. In this guide, find out how to get your hands on a Nebula V bomb in Warzone along with how to use it to deal maximum impact onto the opposition.

Warzone Nebula V Bomb
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What Is A Nebula V Bomb?

The Nebula V bomb emits toxic gas resembling the green cloud marking the edge of the playing area. Similar to Search & Destroy from Call of Duty multiplayer, players can activate the bomb to trigger a countdown.


Once the countdown ends, a massive explosion will cause the gas to spread from where the bomb was detonated. Anyone near the bomb will take damage in addition to any players that dare to stand within the expanding gas cloud.

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Warzone Nebula V Bomb Locations

You can get your hands on a Nebula V bomb if you're lucky with one of several supply crates located all over Caldera. The chances of finding one in a crate are relatively low but there's a method that has a significantly higher chance of dropping the loot.

The bomb is one of many pieces of high-tier loot that's rewarded for destroying an armoured truck. Be sure to check out our guide on how to destroy armoured trucks as quickly as possible.

Warzone Armoured Truck Rewards
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How to Use Warzone Nebula V Bomb

Planting the bomb is a very straightforward process. Simply interact with it and wait for the countdown timer to begin. As mentioned earlier, the initial blast will deal a wealth of damage before the gas rolls in so be sure to have a gas mask to reduce the risk of elimination!

We recommend using the bomb to deny players access to certain areas of the map, forcing them to take damage, and making them very easy to kill without using too much ammunition.


Is The Nebula V Bomb Good?

Having used a Nebula V bomb in a few Warzone matches, it certainly has its place when it comes to influencing the movement of enemies. By blocking off certain areas thanks to the gas, players have to risk taking damage or hope the gas mask lasts long enough for them to make it out the other side.

If you see the briefcase on the ground, be sure to pick it up and use it to your advantage rather than running past it to continue your match.

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