The Modern Warfare MP5 Just Got a Big Buff - But There's a Bigger Catch

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Following its nerf earlier in the season, Raven snuck in a Warzone MW MP5 buff that makes it one of the best SMGs in the game - for now, at least.

You'll have to use a specific type of ammo to make the most of it, though. YouTuber TrumeGameData found a change Raven silently made to the weapon where using the 10mm Auto 30-Round Mags gives the MP5 a substantial TTK boost.

TrueGameData tested it and found the MP5 now has the fastest TTK if you're aiming for the chest.

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The Modern Warfare MP5 Just Got a Big Buff

The MP5 excels at close combat already, so you'll probably be getting chest shots most of the time anyways.


The problem is the ammo itself. 30 rounds isn't much when you're using an SMG. A loadout built around that is certainly viable, but there's no shortage of heavy-hitting guns to pick from in Warzone.

How long this buff lasts, or if it was even meant to happen, remains to be seen, so take advantage of it now if you're a particular fan of the MP5.

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