Warzone Player Evades Death With Insane Motorcycle Clip

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Since the addition of motorcycles into Warzone, players often use them to navigate the streets of Verdansk as quickly as possible during Season 5 thanks to its speed and mobility which can often make the difference when attempting to avoid an oncoming opponent. Although many players opt for a helicopter or cargo truck, the motorcycle is still a force to be reckoned with.

When in the right hands, the bikes can be used to perform incredible trickshots that look impossible to perform, and on some occasions, they can even survive the wrath of an incoming cargo truck arriving at full speed! One player managed to outwit the vehicle and the driver in the most unusual of ways.


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Warzone Motorcycle Takes On Cargo Truck

In perhaps one of the strangest Warzone clips ever seen, Reddit user 'Rikuzi' showcased how they managed to outgun an opponent and their cargo truck with the bike. After bouncing over a small ledge, the player quickly performed a 180 turn but failed to evade the truck approaching them at breakneck speed.


Many would think that a high-speed impact from a cargo truck would spell an instant trip to the Gulag but the truck somehow glides over the top of the bike and the player.

After the bike had reappeared from underneath the truck, both players exited their vehicles for a close-range duel but it was Rikuzi that somehow managed to walk away from the ordeal unscathed after scoring a simple kill with the EM2 assault rifle. As expected, many users were quick to share their thoughts on the incredible moment, with one saying that the truck driver "definitely uninstalled," after coming second-best in the exchange.

Whether it was an incredible piece of luck or an unintentional bug remains to be seen but for those attempting to run down a motorbike during a match, it may be best to think twice!

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