Modern Warfare Battle Royale TRAILER: This Battle Royale trailer will get you excited about a new mode in COD

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Modern Warfare's Battle Royale hasn't been confirmed but rumours are hotting up.

The next big rumour is that it will launch during Season 2 after evidence suggests it will be the big addition.


Although there has been little acknowledgement about a Battle Royale since Modern Warfare was announced, it's pretty clear that there's something going on behind the scenes.

The Modern Warfare beta game files have even confirmed that a resemblance of it exists somewhere.

One fan, though, seems to have waited long enough and has created his very own Battle Royale trailer - which can be seen below.


Fan-Made Trailer

The video is made up splatterings of COD games through the years - including the much-loved Black Ops II.

Although it's a little rough around the edges, it gives us a great taster as to how a battle royale mode could play out.

For one, the stage is pretty much already set - thanks to the Special Operations world in multiplayer. 


Special Ops itself has drawn some criticism, with many targeting the mode's difficulty levels.

There are no adjustable difficulty levels for any Special Ops mode, which can make very hard to complete when playing with strangers.


Will There Be A Beta?

If Modern Warfare's Battle Royale was to arrive, you would expect a beta to release first; although there is no confirmation.


With rumours suggesting that the release date is soon, it is hard to say if they will have time to implement a beta.

Blackout received a beta, so it wouldn't be a surprise to see one arrive.

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