Warzone Mobile Codenamed Project Aurora

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Call of Duty Project Aurora
Credit: Activision

Call of Duty's mobile offerings continue to gain plenty of attention from players. In Activision's annual report, the publisher reveals COD Mobile has surpassed 650 million downloads, on par with its console and PC counterpart.

Considering millions are getting their Call of Duty fix on a mobile device, it's no surprise to see the publisher doubling down on its efforts.

With rumours on a mobile version of Warzone doing the rounds, it appears the publisher is working on a standalone battle royale experience codenamed Project Aurora.


Warzone Mobile Project Aurora Codename

On May 11, a blog post shares information on the project which will "bring friends, families, and people around the world together in a global community." In addition, the developers confirm the game is still in development.

"We are in the midst of our first gameplay test in the Project Aurora Closed Alpha," says developers.
Warzone Mobile Project Aurora
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Credit: Activision

The blog post claims the Alpha test is limited in size, with participants unable to share any details on the game with the public. Those behind Project Aurora don't confirm whether the game is Warzone Mobile or an all-new battle royale experience.

Can I Sign up For Project Aurora Alpha?

Unfortunately, the Closed Alpha is open for those that receive a direct invitation from the developers meaning there are no plans to open sign-ups for everyone. However, developers do tell fans to "keep an eye out for news through future communications."

The idea of a dedicated battle royale for mobile is a smart move for Activision considering the likes of Apex Legends is also doubling down on a mobile port. With plenty of numbers already playing COD Mobile, there's a high chance of Project Aurora generating plenty of popularity and profits.


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