Activision Confirms Development of Warzone Mobile

Warzone has proven to be a resounding success for Call of Duty publisher Activision. Over the past two years, millions of players have dropped into Verdansk, Caldera, and Rebirth Island with the goal to become the last one standing.

With COD Mobile featuring a battle royale of its very own, some fans are wondering whether Warzone will ever make its way to mobile devices.

While some players are focusing on the Season 2.5 update for the PC and console versions of the game, Activision has officially announced Warzone Mobile is in development.

Warzone Mobile Development
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Warzone Mobile Confirmed

Rather than announcing Warzone Mobile with a trailer, Activision unveiled its release by unveiling a list of job openings across a number of development and publishing studios. Roles range from network programmers to UI artists.

Rumours of a mobile iteration of the game have been circulating for several months. In December 2021, notable leaker Tom Henderson said an early build of the game had appeared to the Playtest Cloud database.

When Will Warzone Mobile Come Out?

An exact release date for Warzone Mobile hasn't appeared yet but if Henderson's leaks are accurate, there's a chance the game appears at some point in 2022. Considering Activision is still looking for people to assist with the development, a 2023 launch might be a more likely scenario. Until then, there's plenty of time for Activision to unveil its plans as Warzone expands onto another platform.

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