Bizarre Warzone Glitch Is Causing Players To Freeze In Mid-Air

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Season 5 of Warzone is nearing its end and the attention of the community is on the launch of Season 6, the final season of post-launch content for the Black Ops Cold War era of the battle royale. While players are looking forward to the appearance of new weapons and the arrival of huge changes to Verdansk, many are still encountering a variety of bugs and glitches that are impacting their gameplay.

Warzone is no stranger to bugs and glitches ruining the game. Whether it's enabling players to jump like Superman or glitching underneath the Airport, players are beginning to grow tired. This latest glitch is causing some players to freeze in mid-air, leaving them unable to defend themselves from an opponent.


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Warzone Mid-Air Freezing Glitch

Warzone Operator Dropping Into Verdansk

Armed with a Kar98k, Reddit user 'jarstelfox' managed to spot a player parachuting into the action but to their surprise, they had frozen in mid-air and were unable to continue their descent to the battlefield. After scoping in on the player, jarstelfox decided to put them out of their misery with a few precise shots to score the kill.


The Warzone community was quick to react to this highly unusual glitch, with many finding this particular clip extremely amusing. Other users revealed that they had also encountered the glitch, much to their annoyance. "Happened to me in Gulag a couple of times," one user added. "I have no connection issues and then just out of the blue everything freezes."

Will The Glitch Get Fixed?

Considering the huge impact freezing in mid-air can have for players, it's likely Raven Software will implement some kind of fix in order to prevent the issue from affecting more players. It's unclear as to whether a fix will arrive in the Season 6 update but we can hope one will be arriving in the not too distant future.

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