Alex Mason Arriving In Warzone And Black Ops Cold War Season 6

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After five seasons of post-launch content for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, the start of Season 6 is fast approaching, much to the excitement of the community that's looking forward to the final season. Even though there has been minimal information surrounding the content that will be arriving when the season launches, Treyarch has begun to post several teasers relating to the fourth round-based Zombies map, one of which showcases the return of the Margwa.

Alongside the new characters appearing in the story, most seasons have seen a familiar face from the Black Ops series make an appearance in their very own bundle available to purchase in the store. With the likes of Jason Hudson already in the game, another Black Ops icon is set to make an appearance!

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Alex Mason Warzone Operator

Alex Mason Warzone Operator
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While Treyarch has yet to confirm that Mason will be the next Black Ops character will be arriving, the Season 5 outro cinematic is the first time his name has been mentioned throughout the CIA's search for the elusive Perseus, a Soviet spy believed to be infiltrating American intelligence in a bid to turn the tide of the Cold War.


With The Numbers programme in full effect, there aren't many better than Mason when it comes to understanding it after being subject to the programme during the first Black Ops campaign that was released over a decade ago. Will Mason manage to stop Perseus' plan once and for all? We will have to wait until October 7th to see what Season 6 has to offer.

How To Unlock Mason Operator

Like other Black Ops Operators that have appeared throughout the seasons, the process of adding Mason to your collection will be incredibly straightforward. Based on Hudson's bundle, Mason and a wealth of cosmetic items will cost 2400 COD Points to purchase when the bundle releases.

Until Mason drops into Verdansk, check out everything there is to know about Season 6 of Warzone and what we expect to change in the patch notes.