Warzone Players Suggest Addition of Map Rotations

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Since Warzone switched to Caldera from Verdansk, the community continues to express their frustrations surrounding various features of the battle royale.

While players keep discovering a variety of exploits such as methods to earn unlimited ammo, many are still unhappy with Caldera despite Raven Software confirming changes to the map in Season 2.

In a bid to prevent the game from becoming stale, players have suggested a feature that would keep the game feeling fresh and ease the frustrations of those that are patiently waiting for Verdansk to make a return.

Warzone Map Rotations Caldera Verdasnsk
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Warzone Map Rotations

The feature in question is map rotation that's used in other battle royales such as Apex Legends. Reddit user 'duffwardo' wondered if "timed map rotations" would improve Warzone. The post also included snippets of Verdansk, Verdansk '84, and Caldera as the maps that would rotate on a regular basis.

In Apex, maps rotate every hour, adding a further element of excitement to matches as players won't be battling it out in the same location every single time. That would be great," added one user. "I could skip Caldera every time it's in rotation like everyone else would."

Apex currently has four maps to rotate between whereas Warzone only has two in the forms of Verdansk and Caldera. Considering the minimal differences between the original version of Verdansk and Verdansk '84, is a Warzone map rotation a viable option?

Will Warzone Get A Map Rotation?

Until Warzone receives another full-scale map, rotating between Caldera and Verdansk doesn't seem viable despite requests of the latter making a return. The idea is certainly interesting and if new maps arrive, Raven Software may consider it.

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