Warzone Lunar New Year Bundle Disabled Due To Game Crashes

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To celebrate the Lunar New Year, a Year of the Tiger cosmetics bundle arrived in Warzone and Vanguard. The bundle contains an exclusive STG 44 weapon blueprint alongside themed Calling Cards and Weapon Charms.

Armed with a unique design along with red and gold tracer rounds, the blueprint is one of the better designs for one of the strongest assault rifles in the entire game.

While several players were looking to get their hands on the bundle, Warzone developer Raven Software revealed that it disabled to bundle due to a glitch causing games to crash.

Warzone Year of the Tiger Bundle Disabled
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Warzone Year of the Tiger Bundle Disabled

The news confirmed on February 1 through a Tweet stated the developer had disabled the bundle "until further notice." Thanks to Raven Software's Trello board, the issue affects players on all platforms and is being "investigated."

With the Lunar New Year celebrations taking place on February 1, the bugged bundle disappearing from the in-game store is far from ideal with players unable to obtain the blueprint and Activision unable to cash in on the yearly celebrations.

When Will The Year of the Tiger Bundle Return?

As Raven Software continues its investigations, it's unclear as to when the bundle will make its return to the Warzone store. It will be interesting to see if the bundle returns before the start of Season 2 on February 14. Once it's fixed, keep your eyes peeled on Raven Software's Twitter for all the latest updates on the disappearing bundle.

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