Warzone Bug Causes Loadout Drops to Vanish From The Map

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As Season 5 of Warzone progresses, players have found another bug that can ruin their experience during a game. Resurgence Quads on Rebirth Island is one of the game modes which allows players to get their Loadout easily, giving them the best possible chance to score plenty of kills. One of the latest bugs in the game makes the loadout disappear and unusable for players, much to their annoyance.

One of the popular drop spots for players to land is Chemical Engineering in Rebirth Island where they can get their utilities comfortably. Although, one player discovered a game-breaking bug when attempting to get hold of their loadout


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Warzone Loadout Drop Bug

Warzone Players Taking Cover Behind Loadout Drop

One of the players, 'MotivationalSleeping', posted this clip on Reddit which shows his squad purchase the Loadout Drop and watch it disappear as it goes beneath the map. They run around the map in order to find the missing Loadout Drop but fail to do so.


This bug is certainly a drawback for players over the course of a Rebirth Island match as they are unable to access their weapon of choice and the Perks that come with it. People are requesting Raven Software to quickly fix this bug as Rebirth Island is a great alternative to the battle royale action that takes place on the streets of Verdansk.

When Will The Warzone Loadout Drop Bug Be Fixed?

Considering the huge impact the bug can have on the course of a match, it's likely that Raven Software is aware of this particular problem and is working on a fix so players can get their hands on their loadouts without the drop disappearing into the abyss.