Warzone Players Call For Nerfs to Overpowered Krampus

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There’s no denying that the launch of Warzone Pacific, as well as the early phases of Season 1, has had its fair share of issues. Despite Raven Software's best efforts to fix the problems, players are frustrated with Caldera's numerous bugs and glitches, as well as a variety of texture flaws that make the game unplayable for some.

Amidst the issues of the Pacific update, the Festive Fervor event was also added last week to the game. While Krampus the Christmas devil is supposed to take the Christmas joy away, it appears it’s being more of a nuisance than intended, with several players struggling to get the upper hand over the mythical beast.

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Warzone Krampus Nerf

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Krampus has been hunting players ever since its addition to the game. While the majority of the players believed the monster will only feature in specific limited-time modes (LTM), players are also encountering the beast in standard battle royale, much to their annoyance. Reddit user ‘Dyynomight’ took to Warzone’s subreddit to express their concerns.

“I pumped two mags of an XM4 into him, and I fought off two people at the same time. Winning is already hard enough, but being hunted by a near-impossible being to kill with less than 10 people left is too much. Allow Krampus to only hunt before the Gulag closes,” they said.

Most players shared the same sentiment towards the Krampus and feel that the monster should not be a part of the battle royale experience at all. Further, many also stated that there might be fewer issues if Krampus didn’t appear during the final circles of the game and started hunting players randomly.

Will Krampus Get a Nerf?

Krampus was added to the game as a part of the Festive Fervor event and has been far from a popular addition. Raven Software is yet to address this issue and with Day 5 of the event already underway, it appears that the Christmas devil could be hanging around Caldera for a little while longer.

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