JGOD Says OTS Is Still The Best SMG In Warzone After Nerf

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After this most recent nerf, many Warzone players have switched from the OTS 9 to the Cold War MP5. James 'JGOD' Godoy looks at both weapons side by side and still believes that the OTS is the superior weapon, although not for conventional reasons. The Cold War MP5 is actually better in certain aspects, he admits.

Even so, in the aspects where the Cold War MP5 is not better, it is pretty damning. Warzone players should watch the video because he demonstrates recoil, movement speed, and so many other differences between the two weapons. It's also cool to see a streamer demonstrate how easy it is to handle recoil; he makes it look pretty basic.


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Warzone Best Hip Shooter

It's funny that JGOD would start things off by listing what's better about the Cold War MP5. Which is better in these ways:

  • Similar TTK
  • More range
  • Less damage drop off
  • Bigger mag

But when showing something like the recoil and shots per second, the OTS 9 is far better. This is a hip-fire weapon; that's important. JGOD also shows how easy it is for pros to handle the recoil. Every bad player says "cronos" because they still don't know how to do it, but JGOD literally shows everyone how to do it right.

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JGOD doesn't just make a claim and then play a Warzone game like most streamers. He studies the weapons and gives evidence. He's definitely one of the most intelligent Warzone players around.

JGOD Outlines screenshots, and he even shows off the loadouts he uses. This feels like a class on why one weapon is better than the other. Either way, without a doubt, OTS 9 is still the top weapon in Warzone.