JGOD Praises New Warzone Weapon Nerfs Like Bullfrog

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Few people are unaware that the Bullfrog was the new meta in Warzone. James "JGOD" Godoy couldn't help but mention it when describing the best weapons because it was highly publicized as an all-around meta weapon. Raven Software has finally nerfed the weapon, saying that it is now "much closer to the competition."

I don't think I've ever seen a weapon get nerfed so quickly, but to be fair, it was pretty well known. If a weapon is so powerful that people can pretty much guess that it is a top pick, there's a problem. JGOD went over the changes and discussed all the other nerfs that Warzone received.


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Warzone New Weapon Nerfs

In addition to these changes, there were also changes to Shotgun Bravo, Bullfrog, Krig 6, AK-47, and XM4. In the video below, JGOD discusses each weapon. He also talks about Iron Trials '84 nerfs, so it's a pretty informative video.

The video starts at 2:05


These are the tweets that JGOD references. These are specifically for Warzone, but there was also a tweet specifically for the Iron Trials '84 nerfs.

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It's hard to believe how many nerfs were made to Warzone and Iron Trials '84. It's admirable that they fixed the weapons so quickly after barely updating them. It is hoped that the developers will be just as prepared if any fixes are needed to the upcoming Anti-cheat.