JGOD Pokes Fun At His New Warzone Hacking Allegations

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It is great to see James "JGOD" Godoy show great sportsmanship when accused of cheating in Warzone. Even though he demonstrated how easy it is to control the aim, people still accuse him of having Cronos. He's probably the last one to accuse because his videos demonstrate what he does to be a great player.

You will be accused of hacking if your K/D is above one at this point. More accusations are coming your way if you control your recoil, which is pretty easy. JGOD already understands how ridiculous it all is and finds great pleasure in laughing at the strangest ones, as shown below.


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Warzone Hacking

There have been many instances where pro athletes have cheated and been caught, so it is not impossible. When people like Scump are being accused, it's easy to see that there are a lot of sore (bad) players out there. Below, JGOD highlights one.


Accusing someone of Cronos AND bad aim is strange since the latter should negate the former. However, we've seen even stranger accusations, like BadBoy Bearman keeping track of where and when ZLaner moves. JGOD should consider himself fortunate that people only hate him through YouTube and Facebook, not to that creepy level.

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Even when the anti-cheat is released, people will still accuse the best of cheating. Mostly because that kind of accusation isn't based on evidence; it's just based on jealousy. Unfortunately, there is no cure for jealousy.