JGOD Goes Over All The New Features of Warzone Season 6

Warzone Season 6 has brought in many new features, POIs, and a change to a mode. In the midst of all this, James 'JGOD' Godoy stepped in to do what he does best: analyze everything. He'll explain what certain things mean and how they affect the game in a way that many players will find comforting.

As have many others, JGOD has been eagerly awaiting the new Warzone season. This season is supposed to be the one that will get the fabled anti-cheat. That's not what's in this update, instead, there are a lot of changes.

Warzone Season 6: All Fissure Locations

Warzone Season 6

You can always check the patch notes or watch this video. I would rather watch JGOD explain everything to me and say how it will affect the gameplay. The video starts at 00:17.

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Raven Software revealed all of this in a series of tweets (as they love to do). The tweet below is just two of an entire thread, so click in to look at all of them.

What interests me the most is the Haunting of Verdansk. There appears to be a whole Halloween celebration on the map for this new mode. I am not sure if it will affect the entire game (it should), but it will definitely make Verdansk a little creepier.

Perfect time for some zombies.

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