JGOD Gives Advice for New Warzone Iron Trials '84

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Call of Duty: Warzone has recently added a new mode called Iron Trials '84. In addition to being a whole new type of game, Iron Trials '84 will be more difficult. Players will be wondering how to become the best at it already as it has been released.

As far as that department is concerned, JGOD covers everyone. After learning all he could about it, he now knows how to be the best at it. We've compiled some of his best tips for maximizing your winning potential below.


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Warzone Iron Trials tips

JGOD loves numbers and statistics, and he makes sure everything he says is backed up with facts. The rule challenges, the new TTKs, the new meta, and the perks and tips are discussed. The video is below, but I've outlined the best features.

Starts at 00:19


Learning about the challenges is always a good idea. It is essential to be aware of the increased difficulty and nuisance. As a result, players will proceed into it knowing what to expect.

The technical players would be the ones who would be interested in all of the numbers. Check out that part if you want to know how effective your weapons are, down to the minute bullet. However, if you're just looking for tips, I have them below.

The perks are where the actual tips are. The video explains them in detail, but here are the best ones according to JGOD. This part of the video starts at 14:26.

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JGOD recommended these perks:

Perk 1

  • Double Time
  • Cold-Blooded
  • Quick Fix

Perk 2

  • Restock
  • Hardline
  • Ghost

Perk 3

  • Amped
  • Combat Scout (Maybe)

JGOD goes over more, and the video is a great watch, but these perks are definitely some to consider.