JGOD Shares Favourite Call of Duty Perk

Perks provide Warzone players with a range of benefits ranging from faster weapon swap speed to carrying two primary weapons in the same loadout. Depending on playstyle, there are limitless Perk combinations to choose from before dropping onto Caldera and Rebirth Island.

As attention begins to turn towards the launch of Season 3, Raven Software recently made changes to a number of Perks in a bid to shake up the existing metagame.

Content creator JGOD often analyses various elements of Warzone and during a recent video, they revealed their favourite Perk that's appeared in Call of Duty.

JGOD Favourite Call of Duty Perk
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JGOD Favourite Call of Duty Perk

On April 11, the content creator replied to a Twitter post that asked which is the very best Perk that's featured in a Call of Duty title. With the likes of Stopping Power, Dead Silence, Ninja, and Sleight of Hand appearing in the replies, JGOD responded with a Perk that's hugely underrated.

Stalker first appeared in Modern Warfare 3 and gives players no movement penalties when aiming down sights. This drastically improves movement speed even when using heavy weaponry such as light machine guns. Many players agreed with JGOD, reminiscing about the unmatched strafing speeds.

Will Stalker Arrive in Warzone?

The addition of Stalker could prove a popular addition to the Warzone Perk meta. Despite its popularity, the increase in movement speed for all weapons would result in a negative impact on the existing mechanics. While it may not appear in Warzone anytime soon, there's a chance it could appear in Modern Warfare 2 expected to launch this October.

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