JGOD Discovers Fast Weapon Leveling in Warzone, Which Will Most Likely Be Patched Soon

James 'JGOD' Godoy has always been one of Warzone's most analytical players. He put together a list of ways to use the system against itself in a match to go up entire levels. Additionally, it's not just for those who can annihilate with any weapon; it's for everyone.

It's not that these are exploits; it's just that Warzone gives a lot of XP when specific actions are taken. It's a lot of strategies for different situations, and you can do it with the base game. JGOD has uncovered some flaws in Warzone, so make sure you check it out before the developers fix everything!

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Warzone fast leveling

A prerequisite for these strategies exist, but it's a perk. The pointman perk is a must-have for anyone attempting these strategies. JGOD says that while the description for the perk is good, it doesn't describe everything it does. Here's how he explained it:

"Outside of plunder, any contract you do makes it so the next contract is worth more… And that goes for money, XP, and Weapon XP. So, if you use this, it automatically is gonna start you as if you've already done three contracts. If everyone on your team has this, it's gonna be like you've already done eight contracts."

He's wicked smart. Here's the video, starting at 2:07.

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JGOD makes sure to have a strategy for both high-skilled players and low-skilled players. If it becomes popular, Warzone won't allow everyone to abuse its system. Try it now!

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