JGOD Calls Out Raven Software Over State of Warzone on Consoles

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The state of Warzone for console players since switching to Caldera has been far from perfect. With numerous performance issues and game-breaking glitches impacting the battle royale, several members of the community have expressed their frustrations.

Console players regularly encounter issues ranging from guns turning invisible to texture bugs that allow users to enter walls that provide an unfair advantage.

Ahead of Season 2, Warzone content creator JGOD has called out Raven Software needs to fix "99% of issues" to avoid the upcoming season being a disaster.

JGOD Console Warzone Unplayable
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Raven Software has attempted to fix console Warzone with an update on January 11. Since then, the developer has yet to release further fixes. On February 8, the content creator posted a video detailing some of the glitches still impacting console players.

The video focuses on a range of problems including a texture bug that transforms Caldera into a neon rainbow paradise. "This has been happening for several months," reveals JGOD. "Why aren't we addressing these [issues] quicker?"

He claims that Warzone on consoles is "still recoverable" but fixing glitches alongside releasing a fresh batch of content is a sizeable task. The 12-day delay to Season 2 should give Raven Software enough time to fix most of the problems, but new flaws often appear once an update is rolled out.


Can Raven Software Fix Console Warzone?

The short answer is yes. Raven Software is capable of transforming console Warzone into a playable experience for PlayStation and Xbox users. Whether the developer has managed to achieve this in such a short space of time remains to be seen. It will be interesting to see the changes made once Season 2 goes live on February 14.

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