JGOD Highlights The Best Way To Raise Your Warzone K/D

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The Kill-to-Death ratio (K/D) acts as one of the most important statistics in Warzone, acting as the best way to compare your performance to other players.

And with Warzone becoming increasingly competitive, users are looking to find more ways to improve their outwards efficiency.


Prolific COD YouTuber JGOD, continues to provide some of the best tips on how to win in one-on-one dogfights. After previously highlighting the importance of keeping an eye on the mini-map, JGOD also brings forth another helpful prompt.

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JGOD Highlights The Best Way To Raise Your Warzone K/D

JGOD discusses how crucial "centering" is. By centring, your crosshair is continuously fixed on the area where you expect your enemies to be. Pre-aiming in the centre of the screen and in areas where you're foes are likely to come is seen as the best way to ensure accuracy in shooting.


JGOD uses a few examples to better explain this point.

Bad centring

JGOD begins with his own gameplay, showcasing an example of bad centring. In this instance, the gun is pointed too low, as the enemy is clearly further away from where the weapon is aimed:


Instead, the aim should've been fixed in the centre of the doorway, like that shown below:

Even though he was extremely lucky he could adjust his sight before properly encountering a fight, in other cases where enemies attack head-on, JGOD could've been on the opposite end of the bullet.

The YouTuber describes these centering adjustments as lasting "milliseconds", which could be the "difference between winning and losing a gunfight" in Warzone.


Good centering

One great illustration of centering is shown by this action in the gulag. The red dot is perfectly aimed slightly above the barrier where your rival is likely to pop out from:

Similar to the picture shown above, this user keeps the gun facing towards the centre of the screen even after facing intense combat:


Keeping your aim centred is hard to master, especially while maintaining your composure during high-pressure situations. However, JGOD assures that once you've adjusted your gameplay to keep your crosshair central, you're likely to tackle your competitors accurately and improve your overall K/D.

The full video where JGOD discusses centring is below: