Is The AMP63 Good In Warzone?

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The AMP63 is the latest Black Ops Cold War weapon to be added to Call of Duty Warzone.

As a full-auto pistol, many would-be expecting this weapon to dominate as a secondary option.


It features a fast rate of fire, decent accuracy and limited recoil.

While some have been quick to praise it, some aren't as convinced.

Is The AMP63 Good?

While it's listed as a pistol, the AMP63 was originally listed in the first Black Ops game as an SMG called the PM63.


It's more of an SMG than a pistol and thus seems to lack the damage it needs to be a strong contender.

NICKMERCS in particular has pointed out that even with all of the attachments unlocked, it fails to compare with most SMGs.

“I’m going to be honest with you, it’s a cap. I mean, this thing is horrible.”

To get the most out of the weapon you will need to unlock a lot of attachments. Even with the dual-wield attachment, it's not got the oomph it needs to succeed.

It may be a solid choice in Cold War, but for Warzone, it's not worth using.