Is Buried Coming To Warzone?

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Season 3 of Warzone is in full swing after a nuclear missile obliterated the modern-day version of Verdansk, sending the battle royale back in time to 1984 where a brand-new map for the battle royale is set.

The new map features a number of brand-new points of interest including a Duga satellite array which features in the Black Ops Cold War campaign and the Gora Summit, a remake of the classic Black Ops multiplayer map which is located at one of the most northerly points of Verdansk.


Another point of interest that was discovered was an abandoned salt mine, leading to plenty of speculation within the passionate community. Why is the mine closed off and when will it be opening?

One theory doing the rounds suggests a classic Black Ops Zombies map could be added into the map.

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Is Buried Coming To Warzone?

According to notable Call of Duty leaker @TheGamingRevo3, there could be chance that Buried will be appearing in Warzone's new map.


With players unable to access the rest of the mine, there is every possibility that this particular area of the map will play a part in revealing the secrets that lie within 1984 Verdansk.

The mine also appears as an integral part of the Buried Zombies map which is no stranger to appearing in Call of Duty battle royale titles. The map has previously appeared in Blackout.

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When Is Buried Arriving?

Buried Warzone Point of Interest Mineshaft Release Date

According to the Season 3 roadmap, a mid-season event of some kind is taking place and with little to no information on what the event could entail, there is every chance that it could involve the opening of the mineshaft.

Typically, a Warzone season lasts around 60 days so in around five weeks, we could be hearing a lot more clues as to what lies beneath the mineshaft...