New Warzone Glitch Is Turning Weapons Invisible

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Season 4of Warzone hasn't been the smoothest of sailing for the millions of players that drop into matches. Despite the new additions of content from Raven Software and Activision, the battle royale has been plagued with numerous game-breaking bugs, glitches, and exploits that have negatively impacted the game. The community is no stranger to these glitches appearing on what feels like a daily basis, particularly those that make players disappear, making them impossible to eliminate.

Rather than turning players invisible, the latest exploit to be discovered involves weapons disappearing, leaving players unable to see their gun when it's equipped. With no crosshair appearing and no way to tell whether you're aiming down sights, players that fall victim to the glitch make for easy pickings in Verdansk and Rebirth Island.


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Warzone Invisible Weapon Glitch

Warzone Invisible Weapons Glitch Disappearing Weapons Bug Fix

Those that have fallen victim to the latest invisibility glitch have been reporting how their weapons disappeared. When dropping into a match, any ground loot weapon or one that can be accessed as part of a loadout doesn't appear, leaving players with their hands on show.


While some have attempted to fix the problem by completing a full re-install, some players have managed to fix the glitch by waiting a few seconds for the weapons to re-appear. Prior to their weapons loading in, Reddit user 'RevelatioN21SIX' posted an incredible clip managing to score a kill with an invisible weapon.

Even though their weapon hadn't loaded into the game, the player was still capable of scoring a clean shot onto a rooftop dweller before their weapon finally appeared. While it looks like a slow loading issue and isn't considered to be a game-breaking problem, this particular glitch is certainly annoying for those that want to get straight into the action as soon as they land.

How To Fix

Warzone Invisible Weapon Glitch How To Fix

A sure-fire fix hasn't been discovered yet but if you do drop into a game where you can't see a weapon, wait a few seconds and the weapon should eventually appear. It's likely Raven Software is aware of the issue, so a more permanent solution is likely to arrive in the next update.