Warzone Texture Bug Lets Players Inside Walls

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The Pacific era of Warzone failed to start on the strongest of footing, much to the annoyance of the millions of players dropping into Caldera on a regular basis.

The current state of the battle royale is far from ideal, with numerous bugs and glitches negatively impacting a range of key gameplay elements including freezing at Buy Stations.

An issue many players thought had disappeared was the ability to enter walls that allowed them to see through them and shoot any nearby opponents without being detected, rendering them invincible in most scenarios.

Warzone Inside Wall Glitch
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Warzone Inside Wall Glitch

In previous updates, Raven Software has managed to address this particular exploit which once dominated Verdansk. Since the switch to the Pacific, issues with players getting underneath the map or inside walls have been kept to a minimum until Reddit user 'vuralkurtt' published a clip of an opponent using the clip to their advantage.

Moreover, the player has merged through a wall to see through the floor, allowing them a one-way perspective to observe everything that goes on underneath.

Will The Warzone Inside Wall Glitch Get Fixed?

Considering the severity of players being able to access areas of the map that they shouldn't be able to, it's likely Raven Software will be fixing this particular exploit in an upcoming update. Perhaps it will arrive as part of Season 2? We will have to wait and see.

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