Warzone Players Demand In-game Block Feature To Evade Hackers

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As Season 6 of Warzone progresses, players are getting used to the massive changes that have occurred in Verdansk along with the numerous changes to weapon performance. While the community was happy to step into the battlefield in the final season of the Black Ops Cold War era, hackers are continuing to run rampant within the hugely popular battle royale.

With Raven Software's recent ban wave banning an astonishing 60,000 accounts from Warzone, hackers still seem to be found roaming in Verdansk. However, the Warzone community has asked Raven Software to implement a new feature in a bid to evade hackers during a match.


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Warzone In-game Block Feature

While the community still waits for the integration of a dedicated anti-cheat alongside the release of a brand-new map set in the Pacific, players have come up with an alternative to stay away from hackers by blocking them. A recent Reddit post by 'mugs_sgum' suggested the idea and it was met with plenty of positivity.


The post stated that Raven Software should add a block button for players to quickly dodge hackers in-game. This idea was liked by a number of Warzone players and immediately created a buzz amongst the community. Currently, players need to leave the game they are in if they wish to block someone and go to their 'Recent Players' tab to find the cheater and block them.

The suggested feature will allow players to evade hackers before they even load into a lobby. "Wow it never occurred to me and makes perfect sense," another user added.

Will Warzone Add An In-game Block Feature?

This idea could actually have a huge impact on the game and enhance the overall experience of the players but it is unclear as to whether Raven Software will take the suggestion on board despite its popularity. With plenty of exciting stuff releasing soon for Halloween, check out everything you need to know about The Haunting in our dedicated hub!