IceManIsaac Responds As New Speed Hackers Enter Warzone

Everyone is looking forward to Warzone getting an Anti-cheat, which will hopefully fix things. If it actually stops cheaters, it's a big maybe, but we can all hope. However, hackers have become braver by using speed hacks, which is an easy way to cheat in Warzone.

DougisRaw posted a video on his Twitter account showing him being taken out by a speed hacker. IceManIsaac commented on the video. To those who don't know, speed hacking is the act of increasing a character's speed at will. The effect looks like dashing if used once and is unmistakable.

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Speed hacking in Warzone

DougisRaw posted a tweet showing a hacker cheating without a care in Warzone. It speaks volumes about the issues that are currently affecting Warzone. NRG Isaac made a joke about the slow progression of hacking in the game because it's easy to get away with it.

There is no guarantee that Vanguard will include the fabled anti-cheat. Keeping in mind that Warzone has its own anti-cheat system, another one might not offer much more. As of now, we're just hoping things will change.

"We're one step closer to flying cars and God Mode," says NRG, which isn't so far-fetched at this point. How bad will things get before Vanguard arrives? This shows that cheaters will try to use as much as they can before the anti-cheat system is implemented.

If the anti-cheat doesn't come, we already know that there will be a huge exodus of streamers. TimTheTatman himself threatened to leave if the game didn't have an anti-cheat. That would probably extend to the anti-cheat being bad as well.

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