Warzone Player Showcases Game-Changing HUD Modification

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When it comes to Warzone, utilising the head-up display (HUD) to your advantage is crucial when it comes to overcoming the opposition in Verdansk and Rebirth Island. With Season 6 well underway and The Haunting event fast approaching, several players often get confused in the latter stages of a match due to the sheer amount of action and information that needs to be processed.

Determining the amount of ammunition a teammate has or the number of armour plates often leads to the downfall of a team and one Warzone player has created a small, yet game-changing, modification to the HUD to prevent such confusion from happening again.

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Warzone HUD Change To Improve Teamwork

Warzone HUD Improvements Season 6
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Reddit user 'BurterSpeed' came up with the idea of adding the number of armour plates and ammunition totals into the HUD and in a bid to prevent the age-old question of "have you got any armour plates" doing the rounds, players will need to glance at the HUD in order to get their answer.

The edited image quickly became the topic of conversation on the Warzone subreddit, with many players giving the "small quality of life improvement" their seal of approval. "This needs to go to the devs," one user commented. While the additional information is helpful, some players expressed their concerns about the HUD becoming congested with all kinds of information making it difficult to understand. "I like the plates one," another stated, "but the AR one is pointless as that's not the only ammo type."

Does Warzone's HUD Need Improving?

Based on the immense popularity of the above Reddit post, it looks like several players would be in favour of the tweaks being implemented into Warzone for players to access information easier. Whether Raven Software will take the suggestion on board is another matter.

As we wait for the HUD to be improved, check out everything we know about the new Pacific map and the best Grav loadout to use in Season 6.

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