How to Unlock the Ghost of War Operator Skin

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Wondering how to get the CoD Ghost of War Operator Skin? Raven and Treyarch announced the Warzone Halloween roadmap and the Ghost of War skin is back for 2021's celebrations. The skeleton warrior has their own bundle for purchase, but there's an additional way you can get the Ghost of War skin that's handy for anyone interested in Call of Duty Vanguard.

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How to Get Ghost of War Operator Skin Bundle

As with most new skins, you can get the Ghost of War Operator skin as part of a new, seasonal bundle in Warzone's Halloween event. The bundle includes:

  • Ghost of War Ultra Skin
  • Legendary weapons (Ghost sword, marsh, bellow, underworld)
  • Warhorse Legendary vehicle skin
  • Undead Warrior Epic horn
  • Shot Down Epic finishing move
  • War Monger Epic emblem

The bundle costs 2,400 points in the in-game store.

How to Get Ghost of War Operator Skin

If you're not fussed with the bundle and just want the skin, you can get that for free if you pre-order Call of Duty Vanguard. Those who already pre-ordered Vanguard will also get the skin. Raven didn't say when it will be sent to those who pre-ordered or how, but we'll update once that changes.

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