How To Open The Nagatomi Plaza Vault And Find All Keycards In Warzone

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With Season 3 Reloaded now live, the 80s Action Heroes event has started and with it brings a familiar setting from the famous movie Die Hard.

Nagatomi Plaza is one of the newest POIs in the game and has an unlockable vault that contains $100,000 in it.


Here's how to open the vault in Warzone and claim the prize.

How To Open The Vault In Warzone

In total, there are three keycards that you need to locate to open the vault.

The first can be found by completing the Scavenger Mission 'Unfinished Business'.


The second is found by disarming the last C4 on the roof of Nagatomi Plaza.

The final keycard is found by activating the Arms Deal in Parking from the Truck. Kill the waves of NPCs and grab the card.

Head to floor 31, which is where the vault is located.

As a result, you should be able to open the Vault with just one keycard, but they contain three safety deposit boxes - first is a specialist bonus, second is an advanced UAV and the third is a contraband contract.