How To Get The HARP Killstreak In Warzone

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Season 4 of Warzone is in full swing and as players continue to figure out the meaning behind the mysterious Red Doors, Raven Software quietly added a brand-new Killstreak into the battle royale. Known as the HARP, this particular Killstreak can offer a huge advantage to players that manage to get their hands on it during a match.

The Killstreak was added as part of Warzone's Ground Fall limited-time event that revolves around the fallen satellites that have crashed across Verdansk thanks to the latest chapter in the conflict between Stitch and Adler.

With the Ground Fall event underway until June 24th, there isn't a lot of time for players to obtain this incredibly rare Killstreak to use to get the upper hand over the rest of the lobby. In this guide, find out how to obtain the HARP in Warzone.

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HARP Killstreak Warzone

HARP Killstreak Warzone How To Get What It Does Season 4

The HARP, otherwise known as the High Altitude Reconnaissance Plane, already features in Black Ops Cold War and is arguably one of the most popular Scorestreaks in the entire game. Prior to its addition into Warzone, the Advanced UAV was the closest Killstreak to resemble the HARP, providing a precise location of any opposition that didn't have Ghost equipped.


Despite the Advanced UAV already being in the game, the HARP appears to do exactly the same. So how exactly do you obtain it during a match?

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How To Get The HARP In Warzone

Warzone HARP Killstreak How To Get Season 4 Ground Fall

The process of obtaining the HARP in Warzone is surprisingly straightforward. First of all, head to one of the Satellite wreckages that can be found all over Verdansk. Next, initiate a Satellite Uplink which acts similar to a Recon contract.


Once the uplink has been completed, players will get their hands on a range of high-tier loot that will make a match much easier for them and for a fraction of the in-game cost. Loot includes a Loadout Drop, which is ideal when you may not have the funds needed to purchase your own Warzone loadout.

Alongside the Loadout drop, the HARP will also be accessible along with the Armored Truck that was recently removed due to the return of the notorious invisibility glitch that has plagued the battle royale for several months. The HARP only lasts for 90 seconds so be sure to make the most of being able to see nearly every single player in the lobby!

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