How To Get The Clown Skin In COD Warzone

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The Clown Skin is on its way to Call of Duty Warzone and we’re here to explain how you get it!

A bunch of other clown-themed items are on their way too so if you want to put a smile on your enemy’s faces here’s what you’ll want to wear.

This one shouldn’t be too tough of a guide so let’s get into it.

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It’s Time To Spend!

The Clown skin can only be earned through The Big Joke bundle from the store.

So sorry to any of you Free-To-Play players, you will have to spend money to grab this one!

Though, the Big Joke Bundle includes plenty of items for the 2,000 COD Points price tag.

You’ll receive:

  • Clown Skin - Legendary Operator Skin
  • Fool Proof - Legendary M16 Blueprint
  • The Punchline - Epic Gallo SA12 Blueprint
  • Joke’s On You - Epic Calling Card
  • Cheap Shot - Epic Finishing Move
  • Laugh Attack - Legendary Emblem
  • Goofy Grenade - Epic Charm
  • Just Kidding - Epic Sticker

Laugh Attack Emote (Image: Activision)


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At 2,000 COD Points, you will need to either buy 2,400 points at $19.99 or top up the amount you have with those you earn in the Battle Pass or from smaller COD Point Packs!

We’re not sure why you’d want to dress up as a creepy clown, but now you know how you can in Warzone!

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